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Contour TS Blood Glucose 25 Test Strip

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BD Glide Ultra Fine Insulin Syringe 31 G (100 IU) 10 Pcs


10 syringes

Product highlights
  • The latest clinical evidence and injection technique recommendations advocate the use of a 6-mm syringe needle*
  • It comes with TBL needle technology for a smooth and comfortable injection experience
  • Thin wall allows thinner needles with better drug flow
  • Tri-bevel tip allows easy penetration into the skin
  • BD Micro bonded Lubrication allows smooth penetration

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BD Glide with TBL Ultra-Fine Insulin Syringes U100 31G 6mm 10BG
Each BD syringe is designed, and quality controlled to be non-allergic, non-toxic, and free from harmful pyrogens. The latex-free rubber stopper has a flat plunger tip that ensures that you get the correct insulin dose every time. Each syringe should be used just once. It is important to monitor the injection sites regularly. Consult your doctor to monitor your progress.

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