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Bestogesic Linment 60 ML

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Beplex Forte Tablet


20 tablets

Product highlights
  • Supports normal cognitive functioning
  • Combats stress, fatigue and exhaustion
  • Neutralises the damage caused by free radicals

Estimated Delivery Date: 22 May 2024

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Beplex Forte Tablet is a dietary supplement enriched with a high concentration of minerals, multivitamins and antioxidants to help maintain optimum health. Vitamins and minerals present in this tablet replenish the nutrient reserves of the body, which aid in the proper functioning of the heart, gut, and nervous system. The presence of natural antioxidants in this tablet combats stress, fatigue, weakness and exhaustion, retards degenerative processes of ageing and improves the body’s resistance to infections.

Key Ingredients:
Thiamine Mononitrate IP, Riboflavin IP, Nicotinic Acid IP, Niacinamide IP, Pyridoxine IP, Calcium Pantothenate IP, Folic acid IP, Vitamin B12 IP, Vitamin C IP, Biotin USP, Light Magnesium Oxide IP Equivalent to Elemental Magnesium 32.4mg

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