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Coe D3 Oral Solution 5 ML


5 ml Oral Solution

Product highlights
  • Helps improve bone and teeth strength
  • Aids in calcium absorption
  • Promotes optimal growth and development

Estimated Delivery Date: 16 Apr 2024

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Coe D3 Oral Solution 60000 iu is a vitamin D3 supplement which is primairly used to manage and prevent vitamin D3 deficiency. Vitamin D3 is essential for the growth, and formation, and maintenance of healthy bones. Lack of this essential vitamin may cause several bone-related disorders such as osteoporosis, hypoparathyroidism, and rickets. Vitamin D3 is also required for numerous bodily processes, like calcium absorption. It is needed to keep the bones strong and prevents any conditions associated with weak and brittle bones.

Key Ingredients:
Cholecalciferol IP (in Nano Droplet Form) in a flavoured base

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