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Dabur Dashmularisthta 450 ML


Dabur Khadirarishta 450 ML

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Dabur Hingoli


Pack Of:- 1

Quantity:-  90 tab

Products Type :-  Hingoli Tab

Container Type :-  Bottle

Ideal For :- Adults/ Children

Use For :- Stomach gas, indigestion, constipation

nFood Preference :-  Vegetarian

Estimated Delivery Date: 22 Jun 2024

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Product Information:-

Dabur Hingoli is an ayurvedic medicine for gastroenteritis made from Hing (Asafoetida). Asafoetida Hingoli promotes digestion and helps to ease the bloated stomach by relieving gas. Asafoetida Hingoli is a digestive and gastro-intestinal stimulant for the relief of stomach disorders.



  •   Dabur-Hingoli is Highly recommended to those, who are suffering from Gas & indigestion-problems.
  •   Time tested ayurvedic ingredients from a reputed company.
  •   Helps maintain stomach health and cure minor stomach problems including gas and indigestion.



Ingredients :-
Dabur Hingoli contains herbs and spices like hing, faith and used for production to stimulate digestion. Ingredients: Hing (Asafoetida), Kali Mirch (Black Pepper), Zeera (Cumin), Saunth (Ginger extract), Nimbu Saar (Lemon extract).

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