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Enerzal Energy Drink 200 ML



Quantity: 200 ml

Outer Packaging Type: Mono-Carton

Product Type: Energy Drink

Flavour: Orange

Food preference: Veg

Estimated Delivery Date: 27 May 2024

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Enerzal liquid is a scientific mix of glucose that provides instant energy and sucrose that provides sustained energy. It is a combination of 5 vital electrolytes in orange flavor that provides balanced energy to an individual. At work and at play, when tired and thirsty, just sip Enerzal for that refreshing cool & energizing feeling. It is free from caffeine and carbonation. It contains no artificial sweetener.

Replenishes 5 vital electrolytes:


  •   Sodium maintains electrolytes balance
  •   Potassium prevents muscle cramps
  •   Magnesium maintains muscle & nerve functions
  •   Chloride maintains water balance
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