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Enzox Syrup 200 ML


200 ml Liquid

Manufactured By: Tidal Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.

Generic Name: Anise Oil 1mg/5ml + Caraway Oil 1mg/5ml + Dill Oil 1mg/5ml + Diastase 50mg/5ml + Pepsin 10mg/5ml

Estimated Delivery Date: 17 Jul 2024

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Enzox Liquid is a digestive liquid that is composed of diastase, pepsin, dill oil, caraway oil and anise oil in a flavored base of ginger and cardamom, and a base of glycerine sorbitol. The ingredients in this digestive liquid help to improve digestion of carbohydrates and proteins. They also help to relieve abdominal discomfort associated with poor digestion of food.
Use Enzox Liquid as a digestive supplement to improve the digestive health and through it to boost the overall health.

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