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Femiplex Tablet


Fevirich Syrup 200 ML

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Ferium XT Tablet


10 tablets

Product highlights
  • Beneficial in the treatment of anemia
  • Helps to prevent iron deficiency in the body
  • Helps to overcome nutritional anemia during pregnancy and lactation
  • Helps to maintain healthy red blood cells
  • Helps to boost the energy level

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Ferium XT Tablet is helpful in fulfilling the body’s iron and vitamin B9 requirements. The tablet helps maintain the proper supply of oxygen by supporting red blood cells and platelet production. This tablet contains iron in the form of ferrous ascorbate, which helps in the quick absorption of folic acid, which is essential to maintain numerous bodily functions in both children and adults. Folic acid is required by our body to produce healthy red blood cells and prevent anaemia.

Key Ingredients:

  • Ferrous Ascorbate
  • Folic Acid

Key Benefits:

  • Helps to increase iron levels in the body
  • Boosts red blood cells production that helps with oxygen transport
  • Alleviates symptoms like breathing difficulty, headache, and irritability
  • Promotes energy level by increasing the blood supply to various body parts
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